Best work from home office setups that will make you want to work.


On the one hand, you can work in your pajamas and avoid the morning rush hour commute. On the other hand, it can be challenging to stay motivated and focused when your bed is just a few steps away. That's where having a well-designed home office can make all the difference.   

In this blog post, we'll share some home office decor ideas that make you want to work. From choosing the right color scheme to adding fun and functional accessories, we've got you covered. Whether you're a freelancer, a small business owner, or someone who wants to spruce up their work-from-home space, you won't miss these tips. So, let's get started!

Small home office with white custom wooden table.

The Dedicated Office Space: 

If your home has a spare space, you might use it exclusively for business. If you want to add a large desk or construct custom shelves for storage, you can completely personalize this type of work-from-home desk setup to suit your needs. It is essential to consider your type of work and choose the desk and shelves that will make you most productive. Every room is unique, and finding just the suitable office desk or shelves for your home office might be challenging. At Detroit Woodworking, we can help you design the perfect home office piece just for you. 

small office in a part of the bedroom with custom made drawers.

Small Work Desk

Even without a spare room, you can still have a home office by designating a specific space area for another use. For instance, a small work desk and office supplies could be placed in the corner of your living room or bedroom. This can also give your room a unique style and serve you well when you get those late-night ideas; you can pause your favorite show for a minute, take just a few steps to your office, and write down your idea for the morning. Many times, a small work desk is exactly what you need to be productive. 

Luxurious client-facing office with custom lighting, rug under the table, and books over the table.

The Client-Facing Office Space:

Set up a home office that appears professional if you regularly meet with clients or customers as part of your employment. This might include comfortable furnishings, elegant design accents, and luxuries like a coffee maker or a mini-fridge. Consider getting a separate entrance so clients can come and exit and always maintain order and cleanliness in the space. A home office setup can be as effective as a dedicated office and less expensive if done correctly. 

luxury home office design

The Luxury Office:

Who said your home office setup has to be bland? Suppose you want to create a home office atmosphere that appears lavish. This could contain a fireplace, built-in bookcases, a bar cart, or a private balcony. Integrate high-end materials like leather, wood, or marble and invest money in comfortable chairs to make the space feel truly rich. Make sure the color pattern flows well together so it is pleasing to the eye. Dont make the mistake of thinking that luxury always equates to a large desk; a small work desk could be the perfect accent to your luxury home office. You can have the home office setup of your dreams by making just a few changes. 

Cozy home office with a wooden table and chair.

Now let's say to don't want to deal with a complete makeover. Here are a few tips to make your home office a relaxing and practical workspace, regardless of design. 

  1. Ergonomic Chair:

Getting an ergonomic chair is crucial, considering you'll sit down often. Find a chair that can be adjusted to fit your body and offers enough lumbar support.

     2. Good Lighting:

A productive work atmosphere can be created, and eye strain can be reduced with the help of proper lighting. Consider purchasing a high-quality desk lamp or overhead lighting that offers sufficient light for your work.

    3. Storage:

As was already said, storage is essential for maintaining an orderly and clutter-free workspace. Invest in filing cabinets, bookshelves, and other storage options that suit your space. 

   4. Office Supplies

This one might seem obvious, but we've all been in that situation where you need a pencil or pin for a vital task, and you don’t have one. Even in the digital age, having stationery and other office supplies is essential. Stock up on pens, paper, staplers, and other essentials to always be prepared.

small home office design

The good news is that creating a home office doesn't have to be complicated, and it's possible to create a functional and aesthetically pleasing workspace, no matter how small or oddly shaped your space may be. 

At Detroit Woodworking, we believe your home office should be more than just a functional workspace; it should also reflect your style and taste. That's why we take great care in designing and creating functional but also beautiful and unique furniture.

 You can design a productive home office that is a pleasure to work in by fusing practicality and aesthetics. Be creative and make the place your own, whether working from a spare bedroom, a nook in your living room, or even a closet.

In conclusion, maintaining attention and productivity while working from home requires an efficient and attractive home office. You may design a workspace that suits your needs and tastes by investing in high-quality furniture, sufficient lighting, and creative storage options. And with some imagination and customization, your home office may become a space you eagerly anticipate using.

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